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Lighting the way for your soul.
“When I began to really “get” that I was part of the problems that I perceived around me, I began to heal my life.”
~ Sheila M. Kelly

Individual Enlightenment

The first step of spiritual enlightenment is understanding.  Many want to skip the messy steps and jump ahead, but for most of us, there is much healing that must occur before we can begin to achieve an enlightened state. That is why the spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart.
Just as it takes courage to live any life at all, it takes tremendous courage to look at the underbelly of your life…. those aspects of self that you’d rather keep tucked away in the closet of your psyche. But the payoff is huge.
What would it be like to trade your sense of emptiness for deep inner peace?  What if you could heal the "dis-ease" in your relationships?  What if you could know who you really are instead of living from a faux self?
It seems natural when we are starting our spiritual journey to look outside ourselves for solutions and meaning.We seek guidance. We seek answers. We refer to tarot cards, angel cards or psychics. We meditate. We pray. We read books.  There can be value in doing all of that. Yet the Light you seek is not powered from external sources. It lies within you. Your only job is to uncover it.

“My spiritual awakening was birthed on the management front lines 
of one of the toughest union environments in Canada.”
~ Sheila M. Kelly

Enlightened Leadership

It is fairly commonplace for those on a spiritual quest to compart-mentalizetheir spirituality… to reserve it for certain aspects of their lives.
Is there a place for spirituality in the workplace?   Can you integrate spirituality with leadership?
Workplaces are actually the perfect classrooms for putting into practice the lessons of spirituality; not in a “preachy” way, but in a way that demonstrates basic spiritual principles like love and forgiveness--particularly for those determined to prove themselves unlovable. Bosses. Co-workers. Those above you on the corporate ladder and those below. All are there to help you fulfill your true function by providing the opportunities for you to take a Higher Road.
It is a law of enlightenment that as you rise above the battleground of petty conflicts and all-out war, you also bring multitudes with you. Enlightenment is never achieved alone.

"If it weren't for the darn people in the world, there'd be peace on Earth!"
~ Sheila M. Kelly (tongue in cheek)

Hitting the "Panic" Button

Just when you think everything is going along tickety-boo, something unexpected happens.  Life.  Your boss, a peer, a loved one.  All you know is, you hit a wall and suddenly life feels out of control.  If only there were someone you could call and get some clarity about what's going on.  
Does it always have to be three steps forward, two steps back?  How can we meet life's challenges in the heat of the moment?
The best opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth are not on our yoga mats or studying books.  They are in real life conflicts and emotional struggles.  Spiritual "panic" coaching can help guide you through the tough moments while you're in the moment.
One hour confidential telephone session is $150.

No amount of reading, not even of the great spiritual leaders, led me to the deep understanding, acceptance and peace that I reached after working a short while with Sheila Kelly.

jeannette folan  – halifax, NOVA SCOTIA