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Whoever you are, wherever you've been, and whatever you've done, if you agree with me...  let's dance.

Let's partner so that our collective talents and wisdom are multiplied to bring healing to ourselves and to the world. 


I take a unique approach to personal and spiritual transformation, one which engages all aspects of you, the pragmatic and the divine.

I serve clients who are bright, successful and open-minded.

And they're hitting a wall of discontent. They're tired of following the rules. Coloring within the lines. They're overcommitted, saying yes to everyone but themselves. 

I serve lost souls who are stuck in the mud of discontent. The rule followers. The ‘good’ ones who’ve tried so hard. For what? So that others get the credit. They can't attend one more meeting. They're tired of having their ideas stolen. Of being overlooked for one more promotion. Ultimately, they're tired of trying so hard in a game with diminishing returns. 

Despite all that, my clients are willing to be challenged... wanting to be a skilled professional who listens deeply, cares immensely, communicates bluntly (when so guided)... someone totally invested in what you think you want as well as what you may not even know you need. Most importantly, I hold space for the sacred and divine to reveal its wisdom.   


Do you want to deepen your spiritual life?

Would you like to connect with Your Enlightened Spiritual Self (YES)

accessing its inner wisdom, guiding you through the "mess" that's blocking your path to meaning and purpose?

If you wonder what that looks like, how it feels, 
or how it can work for you... book yourself a 
It's my gift to you.
If you're unsure, take a minute to consider...
What might be different if you stopped following your old script and, instead, uncovered a trusted source for new guidance, accessing the wisdom of Your Enlightened Spiritual Self (YES)? 
What do you have to lose, other than...
  • Blocks you can't get past...
  • A lack of motivation you can't shift...
  • The unsettling sense that something is off, or missing...
  • A sense that you're not doing what you came here to do? 
If you're ready to:
Turn off your autopilot and live an authentic, divinely-guided life
Experience more inner peace
Uncover (or recover) your passion and purpose. 
Book yourself an 
It's my gift to you...  

Kind Words from Clients


Authentic. Compassionate. Wise. Lives and works in integrity. Pure in intention. Sheila Kelly embodies these virtues. On the journey of life, we all need a confidant or a guide to ask us the questions to reflect on ourselves - to help us learn and grow as a person. Sheila not only provides a safe place to do this, but approaches it with love and compassion. 

Brynn Leard

Purposeful Business Entrepreneur


Sheila has an absolute gift for asking the right question at the right time to help clarify complex issues.


She uses simple but sophisticated techniques in her telephone coaching that act as a re-set button.


Sheila sees the whole person and her insights have helped me to manage difficult personal and professional issues. Plus, she is a lot of fun to work with.

David Holt,

Innovation Strategist  


Sheila, our very first session revealed the reason for my fear of moving forward and gave me the confidence to take those further action steps.
Our second session turned out to be more about that same fear of moving forward! It certainly seems to have dissipated! I have never felt more focused and productive and I am getting things accomplished in record time & efficiency!
Thank you for your intuitive & skillful work.

Linda Levin



I'm Sheila Kelly, a 'corporate refugee' turned life and leadership coach, spiritual teacher, and enlightenment guide. 

I believe each of us has an Enlightened Self and, thus, come pre-programmed with the inner wisdom, power, and grit to achieve individual purpose and mission. 

I know... from personal experience... that we're often walking around with an unseen churning mass of insecurity and suppressed 'stuff'... all hiding under a label of 'stress.'  

I believe what each of us does individually has a profound impact on the rest of humanity. 

Beyond that, when we join together in higher consciousness, mountains move. 


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