A Course in Miracles and you...  

Connected to Source.

    Tapped in to your Essence.

        Confident in what to do and where to go.  



Do you struggle with how to make Course work in your life?  

You're not alone! At some point, most, if not all, Course students struggle.

Course says it's simple (and it really is) but it's definitely not always easy. 

You may be asking: 

  • How come I still get angry? 

  • Why can't I forgive that one person in my life? 

  • How can I be more at peace? 

  • If the world isn't real, why bother with anything?

  • Why isn't my life getting better? 

  • How can I connect with my Inner Teacher? 















More Happiness  

More Inner Peace 

More Love

          Sheila is a wayshower, one who holds sacred space for others,    helping them deepen their connection to Divine Guidance. 

                                                               MA, ACIM Student 

Let's unravel some of the mystery

as you... 

  • ​UNclutter your mind of its endless ego-based chatter

  • Love all aspects of you... even the most unlovable 

  • Forgive, forgive, forgive

  • UNlearn the programming that's keeping you stuck 

  • Remove the blocks to the awareness of love's presence

  • UNpack the intricacies of special and holy relationships

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