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YES! You can be...

More confident 

 More competent

More calm

    Your innate spiritual intelligence

    offers a straightforward path to

    all of that.  And, yet, words like 

personal transformation,

  authentic leadership, and

cultural change simply don't

capture the essence of living and

working from 

spiritual intelligence.  









Workplace disengagement is at epidemic proportions with 70% of employees expressing some level of anxiety and disappointment. The stress we experience in the workplace is carried into our personal lives. 


At The Big Yes Centre, we see this epidemic as a crisis of the soul, a disconnect from that glorious aspect of self which helps write a different story for yourself and the workplace. We can help you get off the autopilot of disengagement and begin the journey towards more inner peace amidst the chaos of the workplace.

Whether you're a CEO, a manager, or front-line employee, spiritual intelligence helps you embody spiritual resources, values, and abilities which enhance personal well-being as well as workplace culture. 

My own management journey was empty and unfulfilling until I welcomed the greater wisdom of innate spiritual intelligence. 


Not Sure Where to Start? 








          Sheila is a wayshower, one who holds sacred space for others,    helping them deepen their connection to Divine Guidance. 

                                                               MA, ACIM Student 




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