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Do you ever feel...
Would you like to... 
Do you struggle with... 
- Stressed out or anxious?
- Frustrated with the status quo?
- Unsatisfied, unfulfilled, or that you
just don't fit in?

- Have more confidence and certainty?
- Rise above the dramas?
- Flow through your days with ease and peace? 
- Relationships? 
- Letting go of grudges?
- Handling unexpected challenges? 
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More than a process, TRANSFORM is a journey to the leader within. 

TRANSFORM gives you permission to be more of yourself while
deepening your understanding and acceptance of those aroun
d you. You'll connect with your compassionate self in the face of the tough stuff that always shows up. You'll get in touch with inner courage based on confidence in your innate capacity to be creative, resourceful, and whole. Ultimately, you'll discover that ease and flow aren't only possible... they become a way of being. 


 Hi, I’m Sheila Kelly

Director of The Big Yes Centre for Transformation

Certified professional coach, experienced leadership development partner, and your partner in transformation  


I've coached hundreds of middle and senior managers  over thousands of hours. No matter the reason people give for coming to coaching, transformation happens when they feel understood, acknowledged, and accepted. From there, we address issues which , ultimately, revolve around relationships.... with yourself and those around you.  I provide tools that helps clients address barriers to transformation including saboteurs (which are big barriers), trust themselves, and connect with their Inner Leader, giving them confidence in any situation. 


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My greatest joy is helping people remove the barriers to the awareness of their true essence... that aspect of themselves that is wise and wonderful.  For me, that's the magic bullet to lfe-changingl transformation.                                                                                                                                                       Sheila M. Kelly, TRANSFORM
Can an 8 week program really accomplish all that you promise, Sheila? 

I used to ask clients for 6 months of weekly sessions with me to ensure that they got the results they were looking for. Of course, that equates to 24 individual sessions. 

What's changed?

I've discovered that a process known as Positive Intelligence (PQ) accelerates transformation in a way that I, too, wouldn't have thought possible. The clients I've taken through the program use words like "amazing, transformative,  and life-changing" to describe its impact. I could sell you the PQ app on its own; however, without tooting my own horn, I know it's the guidance and support I provide as an experienced coach that is an important part of the accelerated transformation

I always recommend participating in the program with colleagues, friends and/or family to accelerate the process. Being part of the PQ community means connecting with others, sharing common experiences, and celebrating all the wins along the way. 

                                                                                        Let's Talk Stress


One of the biggest barriers to being your best, most authentic self is stress. We've been taught that stress is a necessary part of life, that it helps motivate us, and that it makes us more productive. It's just not true as born out by statistics that tell us that stress costs employers billions of dollars; more importantly, these costs are fed by personal costs... employees who are experiencing anxiety, sleepless nights, fatigue, muscle aches and pains, and high blood pressure, all of which can lead to even more serious health problems.

Shirzad Chamine says that all negative emotions, including stress, are the result of internal saboteurs. A saboteur assessment is available to you for free at this link

After thousands of hours of individual coaching with hundreds of clients, I can say with confidence that since introducing clients to the 8-week program, it has accelerated the learning curve for lessening stress and overwhelm. 

You'll discover that in only 8 weeks, you will:

  • Enhance performance with calm, confident, and competent presence

  • Train your brain to weaken the impact of negative chatter in your head

  • Restore a sense of balance and equilibrium

  • Improve relationships... personal and professional

  • Lower stress and define success... on your terms


What if all that were possible?

Imagine yourself:

  • Knocking it out of the park when it comes to building career-enhancing relationships 

  • Impacting your culture in a positive way that aligns with your values

  • Collaborating with your team to achieve mutually-supportive goals

  • Advancing your professional cachê within the organization.  

  • Integrating the art, the heart, and soul of your leadership style

Don't take my word for it! Clients tell me that this program is life-changing and transformational. 

Tricia (name used with her consent) wrote: "It has now been a month since I completed this program with Coach, Sheila Kelly. She told me that it would make a difference in my life, and it has. The course has given me the understanding to see others, their actions, and their motives through a different lens. When I discovered my top saboteurs, a light of comprehension went on in me. The program truly connected with me!" 


"Jane" from Kansas said that this training gave her tools that she's never gotten through therapy. 

"Carl" from Nova Scotia recommended this program to his colleagues with these words,, "The program has been nothing short of life-changing for me in terms of understanding my own internal negative wiring, and I've already noticed a massive in the 5 weeks I've done so far. Sheila is great, easy to chat with, and very insightful."

"Rhonda" from Ontario said that she stumbled on my program serendipitously and is so happy that she found it (or that it found her). "I'm getting a lot more done in less time and with no stress (well... most of the time!)"


Rosemary Davies-Janes
Founder - MIBOSO

Before I began working with Sheila… I was off my game. My usually high energy level was gone. I was not doing what I felt I should be doing in my personal and professional life.  Going forward… I will leverage the shift that Sheila facilitated.  

peggy gates hammond.jpg

Peggy-Gates Hammond
Chartered Accountant

Coaching helps me chart the course from where I am to where I am going.  I believe that everyone can benefit from having a coach from outside the organization. Sheila’s coaching has been incredibly invaluable, and I feel very lucky to have her as my coach.

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