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Are your unique talents being rewarded?


Would you like to nurture more trust in your own decision-making, to gain more confidence in your own competence, to honour your innate intuitive intelligence?

Would you like to play your part in elevating the workplace culture? 

Would you like to have your achievements recognized, to be “seen” by your boss, to feel more comfortable with your unique leadership style?

What if all that were possible?

Imagine yourself:

Knocking it out of the park when it comes to building career-enhancing relationships

Impacting your culture in a positive way that aligns with your values

Collaborating with your team to achieve mutually-supportive goals. 

Advancing your professional cachê within the organization.  

Integrating the art, the heart, and soul of your leadership style.


I know this is possible. How? Because I was a front-line manager in one of the toughest union environments in Canada. In fact, I was a bit of a pioneer, one of only a handful of female managers in a sea of old-school “command and control” style of leadership.


                                                                                             Hi, I’m Sheila Kelly.

                                                                                             Certified professional coach and                                                                                                                         experienced leadership development expert.


                                                                                             It took a while for me to find my place in a

                                                                                             culture where women were often placed in a

                                                                                             no-win position. If too tough, we were labelled                                                                                                   the “b” word; not tough enough, we were                                                                                                           perceived as being weak and ineffective.


Find my place I did… defining my own way of coloring within the leadership lines in a style that was comfortable for me…. one that was compassionate as well as effective, building rapport with the union types as well as upper management. Along the way, I learned that I had more grit than I thought possible. 

For the past two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of middle and senior managers, helping them define their authentic leadership style. Working with both male and female leaders, I know they share many of the same concerns and, yet, women have special issues to deal with.

We’ve come a long way and, yet, there are still barriers to women in leadership.

My mission is to help women remove barriers in a way that propels them to success. 

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Grit is the courage to do the hard things.

       Grace is doing the hard things with compassion.    

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          Sheila is a wayshower, one who holds sacred space for others,    helping them deepen their connection to spiritual intelligence. 
                                                               MA, New Jersey, USA 

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Rosemary Davies-Janes
Founder - MIBOSO

Before I began working with Sheila… I was off my game. My usually high energy level was gone. I was not doing what I felt I should be doing in my personal and professional life.  Going forward… I will leverage the shift that Sheila facilitated to get more done, enjoy life more and regain (or exceed) my previously high levels of fitness and professional success.


Brynn Leard
Senior Manager 

Authentic. Compassionate. Wise. Lives and works in integrity. Pure in intention. Sheila Kelly embodies these virtues. We all need a confidant or a guide to ask us the questions to reflect on ourselves - to help us learn and grow as a leader. This work isn't always easy but is necessary to help us live our best lives and blossom into our true essence.

peggy gates hammond.jpg

Peggy-Gates Hammond
Chartered Accountant

Coaching helps me chart the course from where I am to where I am going.  I believe that everyone can benefit from having a coach from outside the organization. Sheila’s coaching has been incredibly invaluable, and I feel very lucky to have her as my coach.