The Power of UN






Sheila M Kelly


The ultimate goal of any spiritual path is to

remove the blocks to the awareness of love's presence. 

      Through my own spiritual journey, A Course in Miracles has been the north star that's guided me through the ups and downs of this thing called life. For over twenty years, Course has delivered its uncompromising wisdom and truth to me in a way that leaves no doubt about what's really, really, really real.

       As a result, I've learned that in any moment, I have only one choice... the choice between love and fear. It's up to me. Which shall it be? The simplicity of the question belies the complexity of an ego that erects barriers to staying peaceful, many of them cleverly disguised as being helpful.

        The Power of UN is a book for spiritual seeker's seeking peace, love, and happiness. The book describes my own awakening as an unhappy, disengaged manager on the front-lines of a tough union environment. It also chronicles how I used spiritual principles to begin to love my job.









The Power of UN is a 4-part transformational process:

        1. UNderstand. Understand.. and use... the power of the mind. 

        2. UNlearn. Replace old programming.  

        3. UNdo. Let go of the past.

        4. UNleash. Embrace a more enlightened way of being.          

As a professional certified coach, I have worked with hundreds of clients,  gently... and firmly... guiding them towards peace, love, and happiness.         

I downloaded your book this afternoon and just finished it! You have touched my heart in so many ways and the content has truly resonated with me. It is beautifully written. I have been struggling in my job as well for quite sometime, feeling unhappy, stuck and lacking confidence....filling me with a lot of stress and anxiety.....finding it spilling into other areas of my life....thank you for sharing your journey.....I certainly plan to keep your book as a guiding reference....
                                                                                     Anne Marie Parks 

Kind Words from Clients


Authentic. Compassionate. Wise. Lives and works in integrity. Pure in intention. Sheila Kelly embodies these virtues. On the journey of life, we all need a confidant or a guide to ask us the questions to reflect on ourselves - to help us learn and grow as a person. Sheila not only provides a safe place to do this, but approaches it with love and compassion. 

Brynn Leard

Purposeful Business Entrepreneur


Sheila has an absolute gift for asking the right question at the right time to help clarify complex issues.


She uses simple but sophisticated techniques in her telephone coaching that act as a re-set button.


Sheila sees the whole person and her insights have helped me to manage difficult personal and professional issues. Plus, she is a lot of fun to work with.

David Holt,

Innovation Strategist  


Sheila, our very first session revealed the reason for my fear of moving forward and gave me the confidence to take those further action steps.
Our second session turned out to be more about that same fear of moving forward! It certainly seems to have dissipated! I have never felt more focused and productive and I am getting things accomplished in record time & efficiency!
Thank you for your intuitive & skillful work.

Linda Levin


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