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Come to...
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Are you stressed out, burning out, disengaged?

SANCTUARY offers a caring space for you to simply BE as you explore how to find the solace of your soul. Along the way, you'll
uncover what serves you best as you discover that you can: 

ACTIVATE your innate spiritual intelligence

BECOME the calm, competent presence in the midst of drama

CONSCIOUSLY CONNECT to your highest values and deepest wisdom

DEEPEN your awareness of your soul's purpose 

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5 Fallacies
of Enlightened Leadership

When you come to SANCTUARY, you'll feel supported as you seek to consciously maximize your soul's potential by tapping into your innate intelligences... intellectual, physical, emotional, and (especially) spiritual... helping you get comfortable in your own skin. You'll also get a deeper understanding of your influence as an agent of positive change within your world. 

The SQ21
Spiritual Assessment

Coaching Skills for Enlightened Leadership 

Individual Coaching Support 


The SQ21assessment challenged me to work within definitions of spirituality not previously considered.

My results were also eye (heart?) opening. High scores were affirming. Low scores 'underscored' aspects of my spirituality that are ripe for growth.  

Rosemary Davies-Janes
Chief Onion Peeler- MIBOSO 

“This top-notch program has been enlightening and I recommended it to all levels of management in my department. Coaching is ‘natural’ for me, and this has taken it from an ethereal notion to something that is definable.

The coaching skills enabled me to stop, step back, and really listen to the other person's perspective. Instead of offering solutions, I now pause and give others the opportunity to come up with solutions.  Often, their solutions are much more elegant! 

This program has struck a real chord with me, and its impact is resonating in all areas of my life, not just the workplace.” 

Middle Manager
Provincial Government


david holt.jpg

Sheila has an absolute gift for asking the right question at the right time to help clarify complex issues.


She helps me to see priorities more clearly and aids in helping me separate the important from the merely urgent. 


Sheila's insights have helped me to manage difficult personal and professional issues.


David Holt, Chief Strategy Office/Editor in Chief at Hum@n Media Inc.

jamie pritchard.jpg
I hired Sheila only 3 months ago and in that time the transformation that she has helped me develop in myself and my career is nothing short of amazing.                                                         Jamie Pritchard, Entrepreneur 

          Sheila is a wayshower, one who holds sacred space for others,    helping them deepen their connection to spiritual intelligence. 
                                                               MA, New Jersey, USA 

5 Fallacies
of Enlightened Leadership
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