Readers gain layers of deep insights as the text toggles between Sheila's upbringing, societal teachings, and the situations they helped her create... to the 'behind the scenes' insights that taught her how to access self-love, self-compassion and deep inner peace."

- Carol Nash, Business Consultant, Reviewer

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This book describes how a chaotic workplace presented the perfect smorgasbord of opportunities for me to practice A Course in Miracles principles.                                                                    Sheila M Kelly - Author 

I downloaded your book this afternoon and just finished it! You have touched my heart in so many ways and the content has truly resonated with me. It is beautifully written. I have been struggling in my job as well for quite sometime, feeling unhappy, stuck and lacking confidence....filling me with a lot of stress and anxiety.....finding it spilling into other areas of my life....thank you for sharing your journey.....I certainly plan to keep your book as a guiding reference....
                                                                                     Anne Marie Parks 

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