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Spiritual Networking

by Sheila M. Kelly

Online - Event Launch
April 8, 2020

This online event replaces the live event that was originally scheduled for Many Hats in Bedford. Because we are being encouraged to lessen

physical gatherings at this time, we're going virtual!


This event is for:

  • Those interested in learning more about the meaning of the 'spiritual economy' 

  • Those who'd like to meet some local practitioners

  • Spiritual entrepreneurs (Reiki masters, coaches, yoga instructors, rejuvenation therapists, meditation teachers, energy healers, sound healers, PSYCH-K practitioners, workshop facilitators, or... something else)

  • Anyone curious about any of it!!!

All are welcome. Registration is required! Please register here 


Where:  Online via Zoom conferencing. Please register here

Time:     6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Atlantic Standard Time (5:30 pm EST) 

Cost:      FREE!!!  (If you've paid for what was going to be a live event at Many                   Hats in Bedford,  your funds will be refunded.) 

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Spiritual networking is new here in Halifax. With all the networking events in our city, why establish another one?

When I was a corporate leadership coach, I attended a lot of business networking events. People were lovely.  And... soon... I realized

that the events themselves were all about the hustle. Everyone understood it, and operated from that paradigm. I played the game

with some gusto as well as with a lot of discomfort. Deep down, I felt out of alignment with the hustle thing.  

Slowly, as my work evolved from corporate to spiritual, I became ever more uncomfortable with these events. In an informal survey

with other spiritually-minded entrepreneurs in my circle, they all identified with my experience and were excited about attending

an event where they could connect with other like-minded colleagues. 

As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are part of a spiritual economy, one based on empowerment... of ourselves and those we serve. We are committed to a higher purpose... even if we haven't fully articulated it. We are inspired to inject meaning into all aspects of our work

and our lives. We are the visionaries, the change makers, the ones on the edge of spiritual transformation. Our 'hustle' is aligned with spiritual truths and higher wisdom.

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