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Paving the Path of Purpose

Individual Program for Powerful Results 

     Do you often feel that there’s something significant that

you’re meant to do? Do you long for more impact? There is a way! Your purpose isn’t a single, vague statement but a map for living a deeply fulfilling, powerful, and passionate life. No matter how accomplished you are, this program will add the secret sauce of purpose and meaning wherever you are in your life and career.


This individual twelve-week program will hasten your purpose-finding journey and teach you to stay fully engaged with the process. Preparation is essential to allowing the path of purpose to reveal itself. 


     Many people don't find their purpose so much as their purpose finds them. Like Shar Wilson, Canadian founder of aboriginal women's Finawear, who said this on TV's Dragon's Den: "I don't feel I found this business, I feel it found me."

     I feel the same about my coaching career. In fact, I hadn't even heard of coaching when it showed up on the radar screen of my life. I was ready for it, though, because I'd been preparing for "something" that I couldn't clearly define but which I knew was "there."  

This program will help you define your purpose and meet it... head on.


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Paving the
Path of

Purpose reveals itself

when you get off



Your Purpose 

A coaching program

just for you

An intensive individual retreat just for you 

     You're ready! Not only that, you're busy and you want to start living your purpose now.  


     As a trained True Purpose coach, I use a proven,

step-by-step process. More than a process, though, this is an invitation to go within and reveal what's been tugging at you and calling out to you... ever so softly.


     It begins with a process of preparation and discovery… a

paving of the path so that purpose reveals itself to you… easily

and effortlessly. We meet individually and spend an intense two days together as we work through the steps and connect you

with the wisdom that knows your purpose. .

Contact me and receive an information packet. Please specify: executive track or personal purpose. There is (seriously), no obligation and everything is always totally confidential.

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