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by Purpose 

Your purpose is like a treasure,
long buried and waiting to be revealed.
Let's begin the excavation.
The conscious mind knows what it wants.
It knows how to set goals and can have wonderful intentions.
However, goals and intentions
often override the deeper longings of your heart.
Wanting to find your enlightened purpose is a call 
which the conscious mind tries to interpret
but is incapable of doing so.
(Otherwise, it would be a done deal!)
At this very special one-day retreat,
you'll have the opportunity to sit with other women
in their 3rd act
and to work individually with a certified professional coach
with 16 years of experience.
We will call on our curiosity
and deep wisdom to tweak and refine what
is calling you forth.
What's my enlightened purpose?
How can I find more meaning?
How can I remove the blocks
that keep me from taking the first steps?
These are the questions that may be niggling within.
During this 12-week program, you'll learn how to access
the answers and reset the autopilot of your life.
You will:
  • Gain more clarity about
why your head resists what your heart knows.
  • Learn the 3 components of purpose.
  • Discover how your function
guides you towards your purpose.
  • Remove barriers to moving forward.
  • Develop deeper confidence
          and more certainty about the future.
Our work together will be totally devoted to you and understanding why
your purpose seems so elusive and how
the latest science can help... and hinder...
the living out of your spiritual purpose.
Modern science fully supports spiritual truths,
and your beliefs have a powerful impact
on living an enlightened, purposeful life.
With this understanding,
you'll begin honouring your path,
confident in your own power
to live in alignment with Your Enlightened Self.
This program includes:
  • Twelve (12) confidential individual telephone coaching sessions with the only True Purpose trained coach in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • A workbook to track your progress.
  • Email support.
  • Lunch meeting (if possible!) to meet and connect.
I. Understand Your Unique Path 
  • You'll discover how finding your purpose is deeply connected to everything you've ever done
  • You'll develop realistic expectations about what the purpose process means for you. 
  • You'll learn the unique components of your purpose and how only you can live them out 
II. Get Off Autopilot 
  • ​You'll step into a different way of living in the world using two daily strategies that purposeful people use
  • Using science-based techniques, you'll release old patterns and old beliefs
  • You'll deal with subconscious beliefs in a way that honours the role they play on the path of purpose 
III. Establish an Enlightened Mindset 
  • ​You'll integrate self-limiting beliefs in a way that actually supports purpose 
  • You'll make peace with a past that no longer serves where you are now and where you're going 
  • You'll use neuroscience to reprogram your mind for purpose success
IV. Unleash YES (Your Enlightened Self)   
  • Your essence, mission and blessing are unique to you, and you'll develop strategies to unleash their expression in your personal and/or professional life
  • You'll design daily practices to strengthen a purposeful future
  • You'll harness your passion and expertise as natural extensions of your purpose 
You're Ready! 
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Pricing Details


$3,200.00 + tax
Or... 4 monthly payments of $850.00 each.
to arrange payment 
Refund policy: Full refund if you aren't satisfied after 6 phone meetings. .





Sat on the Rocks
I LOVED IT and want more, more, more. The workshop with Sheila Kelly was transformational. I had all kinds of things rattling around in my head that I knew I wanted to work on... and this helped me put it all in perspective. This is time and money well spent.
                                                                          Mary Jane Webber
I have had a series of things come to me since (my work with Sheila). This cannot be coincidence.   JR
Sheila, it was a 10/10.
Very safe, very insightful, very helpful. Thank you!!!  xxoo /10.
Still have questions? Let's explore if this is right for you. Contact Sheila.
Empowered by Purpose Components
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