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Two "F" Words, Zander, and Comfort Zones

Ben Zander, a former conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, is one of the best speakers I've ever had the pleasure to hear. I was in the audience with about 1200 colleagues when he spoke at a coaching conference years ago.

Zander told us of speaking to a group which included several nuns sitting in the front row. As he prepared to deliver one of his key messages about stepping outside comfort zones, he wondered how the nuns would react to the idea to “live beyond the f**k-it zone.” (Yes, this elegant man in a tuxedo said the f-word!) Apparently, the nuns loved it!!!

I thought of Zander as I considered posting about forgiveness on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, after all, is for professional-corporate-business types. I’ve never ever seen anyone post about forgiveness.

The part of me that is concerned about my professional image immediately jumped in and asked, “What will people think?” This is a part of me that has been with me from childhood, the remnants of parents who asked, “What will the neighbours say?”

Zander’s advice about “living beyond the f**k-it zone” won. For several Fridays now, I’ve been posting about another F word… forgiveness. And, guess what, every week I get validation, like a former client who messaged me that she’s so happy to see someone doing this on LI. And a colleague who stated that my posts are “lighting up” the feed. And another who suggested I do a podcast.

I’m happy that I followed Zander’s prescription for getting outside the “f**k-it” zone.

Is there something that’s calling you from beyond your comfort zone?

What would it be like for you to say “f**-it” and go for it?

**You can find out more about Ben Zander at his website.

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